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Health-conscious dentists and patients
have relied on us for over 25 years

We are Pure Cure Dental Technology, LLC, the leading provider of information about denture toxicity

Studies show that your denture may contain toxins and allergens that can seep into your mouth. Our Free Report explains in plain language what the studies say and what you can do to safeguard your health.

Here’s what you’ll get in our Free Report:

  • Discover exactly which substances may leach out of dentures and into the mouth

  • Learn how your denture may have been made incorrectly and how it may be unsafe to wear

  • Understand the potential health risks of wearing dentures that contain toxins and allergens

  • Discover simple things you can do right now to safeguard your health

  • The Free Report is a PDF document that will be emailed to you when you sign up for our email list. No sales pitch and no strings attached.

We are the creators of the first method of
denture detoxification

About Pure Cure Dental Technology, LLC

From a small dental laboratory to the leader in denture detoxification
Our story

Our family-owned California dental laboratories have been making dentures safer and healthier for over 25 years.

We discovered how dangerous denture chemicals can be when our co-founder Mark, an expert dental technician, was diagnosed with demyelinating toxic neuropathy due to his exposure.

Since then, we set about researching and developing to create products and services that make dentures safer.

As the originator of denture detoxification, health-conscious dentists and patients rely on us to help safeguard denture wearers’ health.

Dentures should improve your quality of life, not put your health at risk. Join us in spreading the word about denture toxicity.

What dentists and patients say about us:

  • Thank you. I had burning mouth and asked my dentist for months if it was because of my new denture. He didn’t think it was the problem, but when I brought him your report he listened to me. He had them make me another denture and the burning went away the next day.
    G.C., Florida

  • My husband has had problems for years with his dentures, mostly stomach upset. He had been told that he is allergic to dentures of acrylic, so has tried to avoid them, but some dentists still go ahead and have relines done with acrylic. He had his dentures relined and the dentist had him order your detox. I am happy to say that he has been free of his stomach problems, and medications reduced to only once a day. Our compliments to your process.
    G.E., California

  • A number of my patients had denture complaints over the years. I’m glad to have your products to recommend to them. Thanks.
    V.M., DDS, dentist in California

  • I simply feel a lot better about my denture now that it’s been detoxed.
    S.T., Colorado

  • I pay attention to the news about BPA chemicals, etc., so I am relieved to find you recommending detoxes on dentures themselves. Clearly it is better to prevent poisons from entering our bodies. I hope the press picks up on your smart reporting on this issue.
    S.M., Nevada

  • [S]ure enough after using the detox, my denture is less irritating and seems to stay cleaner longer. Much appreciated.
    D.B., California

About the Author

Merinne Mesku, RDH

I’m a Registered Dental Hygienist and CEO of Pure Cure Dental Technology, LLC. I’m also a scholar and researcher. I put together this Free Report from the research my company has done while developing the first line of products and services that detoxify dentures.

It’s my goal to help you understand denture toxicity and how it may affect your health. I’m glad you found us and I invite you to get in touch.

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