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Frequently Asked Questions

Pure Cure Denture Detox® is for resin-based dentures. How do I know if my denture is resin-based?

Our product is designed for the most common type of denture: a hard, resin-based full denture. Stayplates (“flippers”) are typically made from the same materials as full dentures and thus may be appropriate for Pure Cure Denture Detox® as well. Our product is not designed for thermoplastic resin (e.g. Valplast) flexible partials — they may warp. For this reason we do not recommend our product for use on flexible partials. We highly recommend that you ask your dentist what kind of denture you have if you are unsure.

I’ve never heard of denture detoxification before.

Hey, we’d never heard of denture detoxification either! But when we learned that dentures may have the ability to leach toxic and allergenic substances, we began working toward a solution. Our company, our services, and our products are based on available research and we invite concerned citizens to jump in and help us prevent denture wearers from being exposed to unnecessary toxins and allergens. Until the problem of denture toxicity gets the attention it deserves, we’ll be here trying to shout it from the rooftops. Thanks for your interest. For more information, have us email you our free report on denture toxicity.

Your website says you have a 30-day money back guarantee. Is that for real?

Yep. We offer this guarantee because we’re confident you’ll be happy with the product. If you’re not, it’s pretty straightforward: you have 30 days to send it back to us and we will refund you the purchase price (less shipping and handling). You can read our money-back policy in full before you order.

I am a dentist/hospital/healthcare provider. How can I buy in bulk?

Our website is designed to handle individual sales. For bulk orders and discounts please contact us directly at info(at)

I am a holistic dentist/practitioner interested in using your product as a diagnostic tool. Can you send me your results?

Some have reported to us that our product helped in determining allergy to denture materials. However, these are self-reported results from third parties and it is beyond our capacity to confirm the validity of such claims. We are working to put together a verified report about our product’s use within a diagnostic context. If you’re interested in contributing to or receiving such a report in the future, drop us a note. If you use our product as a diagnostic tool, we’d love to hear from you.

How long will it take to receive your product in the mail?

We use USPS Priority Mail to ship within the United States. Typically you should expect to receive your package in under a week.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes. We regularly ship to Canada, Mexico, the U.K. and Europe, and strive to keep our shipping costs low. If you have any trouble selecting the appropriate shipping method while ordering, please email us so we can resolve it.

Is your packaging discreet?

Our packaging includes our logo on it. If you would like discreet packaging, just email us when you order and we will happily ship you the same package but without our logo and company name.

How many times do I have to use the product?

The product is designed as a one-time thing, preferrably upon getting a new denture or reline. However, repeat uses will not harm the device. A number of our customers have reported additional benefits with repeat usage.

I have burning mouth syndrome. Will this solve it?

Burning mouth syndrome can have a number of different causes, some unrelated to dentures. Instances of burning mouth syndrome that are linked to dentures may be physical (e.g. an ill-fitting denture can put stress on oral tissue) and/or chemical (e.g. a reaction to an irritating substance). Some of our customers have reported relief from burning sensations in the mouth, but it must be noted that it is beyond our capacity to confirm the validity of such claims. We do not claim that our product prevents or cures burning mouth syndrome.

I believe I am allergic to acrylic resin. Will this stop my symptoms so I can wear a normal denture?

Pure Cure Denture Detox® may alleviate minor oral discomfort from some types of irritation experienced by non-allergic denture wearers. People sometimes colloquially refer to irritation as an allergic symptom, but there is a difference between irritation and a clinical diagnosis of allergy. If you are allergic to acrylic resin, our product cannot change that. For those with a clinical allergy to acrylic resin, we recommend discussing alternative materials and procedures with your dentist.

My denture contains metal parts (e.g. wires). Can I still use your product?

The product is mild and should have no effect on metal parts.

Do I have to use the packets for 7 consecutive days, or can I skip a day?

It doesn’t have to be 7 consecutive days. You and your dentures can take a night off and go out dancing — that’s fine by us. ;)

What exactly does the process entail?

For full details, have a look at the instructions that ship with the product here.

What are the ingredients?

The product contains only mild, medical-grade natural purifiers such as charcoal. We are keenly aware that our customers are especially concerned about their exposure to harmful substances; indeed, this is why we created the product in the first place. However, we unfortunately cannot disclose the full list of ingredients without violating our patent status. We are eager to publish the list soon and will update this FAQ when we do.

How will I know the product is working?

Ideally, the best way to know whether the product works is whether it alleviates the original problem. Many customers have shared their success stories with us, but at the same time, many folks who don’t have denture issues still choose to use our product, and some use it regularly. We wish there were an easy way to check toxin and allergen levels in dentures (it would have saved us a small fortune in laboratory testing!), but currently the only way is via scientific-grade methods such as gas chromatography and HPLC. We are working to find an accessible, affordable way for the average denture wearer to test for toxins and allergens in their denture, but as of now, no such method exists. If you have any leads, we would love to hear from you. In the meantime, we offer a money back guarantee in the event you are unsatisfied with the product.

Your company name says ‘pure cure.’ Is this a cure?

No. The term ‘cure’ refers to the ‘curing process,’ or polymerization process, that a denture undergoes. The term should not be taken to mean that we offer any kind of health cure.

Is this a health detox?

No. Pure Cure Denture Detox® is to be used on a denture externally. The product should never be ingested or swallowed. The product is designed for use on a denture while the denture is outside of your mouth.

I have a dental problem… can you help me?

We are glad you found us. However, we cannot provide personal dental advice. If you have dental concerns please see your dentist.

I am worried about my exposure to toxins… can you help me?

We are glad you found us. However, we cannot provide you with health advice nor advise you about your unique concerns. If you have health concerns please see your doctor.