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About Us

Pure Cure Denture Detox® is the first consumer product that addresses the problem of toxins and allergens that may leach from hard resin-based dentures. Denture wearers use our all natural patent-pending product to safely and affordably detoxify their denture at home.

Studies show that hard resin-based dentures may have the ability to leach toxins and allergens into the mouth. Our product aims to remove residual substances from dentures.

Our company, Pure Cure Dental Technology, LLC, is the originator of the concept and practice of detoxifying dentures for enhanced biocompatibility. We are also the leading provider of information for the general public about the toxins and allergens found in conventional denture resins.

We are a small family business founded by two sisters who became interested in denture toxicity when their father, an award-winning dental technician, was diagnosed with demyelinating toxic neuropathy as a direct result from working with denture chemicals. Our CEO is Merinne Mesku, a scholar and Registered Dental Hygienist, and our head of communications is Melissa Mesku whose research led her to start writing for dental publications. That's us on the right. →

For years, our California dental laboratory provided denture detoxification services via our network of Participating Dentists. For patients to have their denture detoxified, they had to undertake costly dentist visits and fees. In order to increase the number of people who have access to safer dentures, we endeavored to create a safe and afforable product that would enable people to detoxify their denture themselves. In 2014, Pure Cure Denture Detox® became available for online retail.

For more information and a comprehensive overview of the available science on denture toxicity, download our popular free report.

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