Even Madonna faces denture stigma

remin-2-melissa-meskuStrange as it may be, we recently published an article on Madonna, the rapper Drake, and dentures. In it we discuss the notion of denture stigma – social stigma against people who wear dentures. We also look at some of the findings from a recent study on denture wearers, humorously named Biting into Denture Care. Some of the more surprising findings include this:

“[N]early 63% of denture wearers said they’d kept their dentures a secret from someone. Of these, 32% didn’t tell their friends, 10% their sibling(s). Seven percent of denture wearers even managed to keep it a secret from their spouse.” The article uses these numbers to show how some struggle with social stigma about dentures and provides some suggestions for dental professionals to help turn that around.  Check out the article here.

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By Melissa Mesku