Denture adhesive: new year, new goo

If you’ve managed to keep your new year’s resolutions thus far – a whole month into 2016! – congrats on the new year and the “new you.” But if you’re like most of us, your resolutions have started to slide like an old denture. Which brings us to the point of this short blog post: just a quick reminder to not let your oral care slip.

Most resources recommend that dentures be replaced every five years. If your denture requires adhesive in order to stay put, that’s a telltale sign that your denture does not fit correctly and that it’s time for a high-quality reline or a new denture entirely. Don’t double up on denture goo – in 2011, some denture creams were shown to cause zinc poisoning. Not only is excessive use of denture cream potentially harmful, it’s also uncomfortable. The best way to keep your denture from sliding is to have it relined or, if it’s been a few years, go for a new one.

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By Melissa Mesku