Did you know? Your denture may contain toxins and allergens.

Here’s how to detoxify your denture and safeguard your health.


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Your denture may be releasing
toxins and allergens

Studies show that typical resin-based dentures may contain toxic and allergenic substances like formaldehyde, methyl methacrylate, and phthalates.1 These and other substances have been shown to release out of dentures and into the mouth.1

Reported health effects may include irritation, sensitization, inflammation, denture stomatitis, burning mouth syndrome, and/or allergic reactions.2 Detailed information on denture toxicity and its effects can be found in our free report which we are happy to send you via email. Get our Free Report on Denture Toxicity »

Discovering that your denture may be releasing toxins and allergens into your mouth can be disconcerting. It certainly was for us. When our family first discovered that typical resin-based dentures may have the ability to leach substances, we immediately began researching solutions. Our products are the first to address the problem of denture toxicity and were developed using methods recommended in peer-reviewed scientific studies on dentures.

Now you can detoxify your denture safely and affordably at home

Until recently, the only way to have your denture detoxified was by visiting one of our participating dentists. Our patients loved their newly detoxified dentures, but many other denture wearers were unable to afford the process because it required costly dentist visits. To us, that was unacceptable. Every denture wearer deserves a safe denture.

That’s why we created the new Pure Cure Denture Detox® At Home Kit, so every denture wearer can reduce their exposure to denture toxins and allergens without prohibitive costs.

Here’s how it works

In the Pure Cure Denture Detox® At Home Kit, you’ll find a one-week supply of packets containing our patent-pending purifiers. The purifiers help to remove residual chemicals from your denture and render it less able to leach. Simply follow the instructions and soak your denture overnight for seven nights with the packets provided.

The process helps your denture release residual toxic and allergenic substances while it soaks with our purifiers overnight. By removing residual chemicals from your denture when you’re not wearing it, you prevent those chemicals from leaching into your mouth when you are wearing it. Detoxifying your denture may help to prevent unnecessary denture chemicals from entering your body.

Perform this easy task each night for one week
and discover the benefits of denture detoxification.

Benefits of denture detoxification

Reduce your exposure to toxic and allergenic substances

Conventional resin-based dentures may leach formaldehyde, methyl methacrylate, phthalates, biphenyl, hydroquinone, and more.1 Numerous studies indicate the cytotoxicity of substances that leach from dentures.1 Detoxifying your denture may help reduce your exposure to these and other unwanted chemicals.

Reduce factors that may cause sensitization, irritation, and denture stomatitis

Leached substances may cause irritation and sensitization.2 Dentures that leach methyl methacrylate and formaldehyde synergistically promote microbial proliferation, a cause of denture stomatitis.3 Detoxifying your denture may help remove residual substances that may cause these problems.

Reduce the risk of developing MRSA aspiration pneumonia

MRSA, a drug-resistant staphylococcus aureus bacteria, is a biofilm that can grow on dentures and can be breathed into the lungs and cause pneumonia.4 Numerous studies underscore the relationship between dentures and this form of pneumonia. Detoxifying your denture may aid in removing biofilms, including MRSA.

No more denture smell, denture taste, or stains

If a denture can leach substances out, it can also absorb substances into it,5 which causes a denture to become stained, discolored, and unsanitary. Detoxifying your denture may help to prevent it from smelling or tasting unpleasant, and over time may help it to resist stains and retain its proper color.


As a preventative health measure

As a diagnostic tool to help rule out allergy

After getting
a reline, rebase, or new denture

May help alleviate irritation or sensitization

Keep denture more sanitary and stain-free

What people are saying

“My husband had problems for years with his dentures, mostly stomach upset. He had been told that he is allergic to dentures of acrylic, so has tried to avoid them, but some dentists still go ahead and have relines done with acrylic. He had his dentures relined and the dentist had him order your detox. I am happy to say that he has been free of his stomach problems, and medications reduced to only once a day. Our compliments to your process.”
G.E., California
“A number of my patients had denture complaints over the years. I'm glad to have your products to recommend to them. Thanks.”
V.M., DDS, dentist in California
“[S]ure enough after using the detox, my denture is less irritating and seems to stay cleaner longer. Much appreciated.”
D.B., California

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I’m confident you’ll love what our product can do for your denture and I encourage you to give it a try. Order the Pure Cure Denture Detox® At-Home Kit, and try it for yourself within the next 30 days. If for any reason you are not impressed with the results, you are welcome to send it back to us for a hassle-free full refund.
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I look forward to helping you live a healthier life with a safer denture.


Merinne Mesku